Durat P001 Greyhound used as communal kitchen surfaces in a collaborative workspace design
Super hardwearing Richlite used as banquette seating in a bubble tea cafe
Milled paper from Richlite in the creation of Shaped dimensional panelling. A pile of shavings and dust from the making of against the finished panels.
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We’re obsessed with interesting materials. We sell, supply and prototype beautiful surfaces from around the world.

Detail of the sharp lines in Shaped surfaces, showing wavy grooved panels in Black Diamond Richlite.See material


Tactility by design
See material


The paper with superhuman strength
White solid surface closeup showing recycled clear flecks, and Turquoise and Gold mineral pigments from a paint mill in P007 Martini from Durat Palace Collection.Durat 274 D0270-04 Solid Surface Closeup. A Dark green solid surface with recycled plastic flecks with a routed front, closeup from commercial teapoint that's fully circular through takeback, reuse and recycling.Colourful stack of Durat Palace and Classic collection colours showing pink, blue, green, tan, grey and neutral white, black and brown solid surface.Durat basin oval II sink with a terrazzo look showing off its recycled black solid surface specklesSee material


The colourful terrazzo solid surface recycled to last
High end fully circular material made from 100% recycled plastic with an incredible agate stone look in pink and bluePlasticiet Disco a bespoke recycled surface showing flecks of black white and multicolour recycled plasticImage showing difference between Plasticiet Rhinestone production batches, material shows honest recycled plastic with a Terrazzo look against a white back drop.Plasticiet Mother of Pearl has a luminescent look created from how it's made. This shimmering recycled grey material looks like ice, pearl or rich stone.See material


Panels that prove plastic can be fantastic
fibres from recycled fabrics go into pierreplume panelsPierreplume front and reverse closeup sample swatch. The front side is smooth with micro perforations for better acoustic absorption. The reverse reveals a texture like wool made from compressed recycled fabric fibres.Image of sample Pierreplume Granite Grey featherstone material surface variationSee material


Reinventing textile recycling. Sounds great.
Skatelite Pro Street park Natural RampsSkatelite Pro pallet of R50 made from Old Corrugated Cardboard (OCC) ready for skate rampsSkatelite Pro surfaces in a natural tan colour, full pallet of 50 sheets of 8x4 materialSkatepark bowl with Skatelite Natural tan sheets on the ramp surface, longboards made of RichliteSee material


The stuff extremes are made of

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We love finding people working in sustainable ways or with tricky materials that can’t easily be returned to nature – people determined to override single-use. When this happens, we bring them into the fold. We carefully store and supply the very best from our warehouse in Rye. You can also see our surfaces in person in our material studio in London Fields or at Material Source in Manchester, UK.

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