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We’re here to help your ideas become the best builds they can be, from quality to sustainability. Talk to us about your project, and we’ll help you choose the right processes to keep them valuable forever.

The most sustainable material? That depends on you.

We often get asked what the most sustainable materials in the world are. But the truth is, there is no ‘unicorn’ that has zero impact on the planet. 

A surface’s potential has less to do with its properties and more to do with planning and criteria. How long will your material be used? How are you going to treat it? What are you taking on next?

If your process leaves room for waste, it doesn’t matter what material you buy. 

Move forward.
Work backwards.

We’ll help you choose a material with every phase of the
project in mind - from the design stages and fit out to the ripout and beyond. It’s about taking the right steps to make reuse and recycling easier for whoever wants your materials next.

Recycled composite materials with eco certifications

Valuable forever

But what happens when you’re done? We help you complete the circle and keep your materials valuable forever.

Surface materials rescued by Surface Matter

Evaluating sustainability

Sustainability means a lot of things to a lot of different people – everything from credentials and certificates to individual qualities and values.

Ultimately, we believe sustainability is about how useful a material stays, with the least amount of waste in every stage. We’re always evolving our own processes to make reuse easier, and work with manufacturers who are reusing difficult materials, continually improving processes, and better yet, have a certified EPD.

What’s an EPD?

An Environmental Product Declaration is a simple way to benchmark a company’s processes, waste and energy use. But it’s important to know which baseline you’re comparing - volume, weight or functional unit.

Book a virtual meeting or join us in our studio to learn more about sustainability claims, credentials, takeback and the materials we love.

Material studio full of samples and process pieces to explore
Surface Matter studio with panels in formats you can see and touch.

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