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Date: 02.05.2024

Surface Matter educational session table with samples of recycled and takeback materials
Architects, interior designers and fabricators play a crucial role in shaping the built environment, and selecting materials with sustainable credentials helps meet carbon footprint reduction targets and promote environmental conservation.

Materials can enhance energy efficiency, health and wellbeing in spaces and enhance operations over a project's lifespan. Early investment in the design and specification stages directly impact the health of a space and the environmental impact, which can lead to long-term savings in energy, maintenance, and operational costs.

Attending a Materials Session can help inform, educate and keep designers and architects stay at the forefront of cutting-edge materials and processes. Learn how you can combine beautiful materials with minimal waste, and work towards a more circular economy. 

Book a virtual meeting or join us in studio to learn about materials. 

Richlite and Plasticiet samples at a material session informal CPD by Surface Matter

Whether you're an architect, designer or maker, this free session can help you learn about recycled surface materials. The training course is about 45 minutes long and can be booked over Teams or in our materials studio in Hackney.

With a range of different sessions available that can be tailored to your practise, general topics covered include how materials are made, where they can be used and how they can contribute to sustainable certifications, as well as project specific references.

The informal session forms a conversation with videos and different process pieces or examples to help understanding, and is relevant for self-directed CPD points.

Relevant RIBA Curriculum, subject + product areas

  • Design, construction and technology: Understanding of specification and materials
  • Structure: Internal walls + partitions
  • Finishes: Internal + external wall finishes
  • Fittings: Circulation fittings, signs, furniture + accessories, sanitary and bathroom fittings, special fittings
  • General Products: Composite rigid sheets, decorative plastics, plastic boards, sheets

BIID courses

  • Sustainability
  • Surfaces and wallcoverings
Surface Matter material samples made from paper and plastic waste