Our studio

Space for materials

Date: 01.05.2024

We're obsessed with interesting materials. We source and supply beautiful surfaces from around the world. We're not just a shop, when we find suppliers we really love, we bring them into the fold and put the surfaces to work. You can find our surfaces in our studio furniture, kitchen, storage, plinths and wall panels to show how materials age and perform over time. We have samples in a range of colours and sizes in different stages of production, including raw materials that show how surfaces are made.

We help designers and architects use materials to their full potential, so ideas can become the best builds they can be. Our space is a place where designers, architects and makers can get inspired and talk about projects. We can help you choose a material with every phase of a project in mind - from the design stages and fit-out to the rip out and beyond. It's about taking the right steps that'll make reuse and recycling easier for whoever wants your materials next.