Material rescue

Rip out. Reuse. Repeat.

But what happens when you’re done? If the industry’s made it easy to buy and install materials, this same infrastructure should be used to reclaim and recycle them. We help you complete the circle and keep materials valuable forever.

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Display of takeback offcuts, recycled materials and circular surfaces from Surface Matter exhibition titled Change shouldnt mean waste
A takeback service

What's Material Rescue?

You might have heard of ‘takeback’. Essentially, it’s the process of returning and recycling materials after they’re ripped out. Lots of companies claim to do it, but sadly, not many follow through. We’re passionate about making takeback actually happen, so we’ve given it the time and space it deserves. Introducing: Material Rescue.

We rescue materials by

  • Taking back samples
  • Taking back our own materials once you’re finished with them
  • Taking back packaging, offcuts and samples
  • Developing new materials from reused surfaces
  • Making used materials available to buy

How it works

  • Durat Circular offcuts from hotel suite kitchenettes
  • Warehouse hub and showroom of Surface Matter in Rye Harbour on the river rother. Mezzanine office in a black clad warehouse and large roller shutter doors with recycled planters outside.
  • Reclaimed pieces of Durat, Plasticiet, Pierreplume and Richlite saved from landfill or recycling and put to new use in a display from Surface Matter
  • Material Rescue project Savernake knife handles made using reclaimed and recycled materials.
Durat Circular offcuts from hotel suite kitchenettes

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A stack of reclaimed material saved from landfill by Surface Matter and takeback community

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