Our materials studio

Our love for materials drove us to open up a materials library in our studio in London Fields. Our space is a place where designers, makers, manufacturers and material-enthusiasts can meet, get inspired, talk shop and explore materials. We put the materials we love to work - using them in furniture, storage, desking, light boxes and accessories. In addition to our core materials, we have a selection of hundreds of innovative materials for design.

Open weekdays 9.30 - 17.30

Our space shows how materials age and perform over time - day to day and in talks and events from experts across different industries. We have lots of samples in various sizes and stages of production, including some raw materials that show how materials are made. Feel free to pop in, or drop us a line to schedule a meeting.

The concept + making of our space

Lincoln Miles Architecture worked with us to create a space which can adapt and transform over time, using the interesting materials for architecture and design that we know so well. Everything works together to be honest and true to each material's individual characteristics.

The Mondrian-style walls are made from a series of large material samples which can easily be removed for closer inspection, or swapped out for something else entirely, thanks to the clever Button-Fix fastening system. An endless combination of arrangements will allow the walls to form a continuously evolving mood board, but for now the walls have started life clad in all black Richlite of varying surface textures and thicknesses in homage to the display we created for Architect-at-Work. These walls have two inset white alcoves which showcase inspiring materials and displays. Lit with colour-changing LEDs, they easily adapt to demonstrate how translucent materials look under different lighting conditions.

The floor-to-ceiling glazed window frontage houses expansive lightboxes that create a unique gallery space for materials, flat lays, prototypes and creative works. The lights in the boxes illuminate a frosted aluminium honeycomb material, producing a subtle glow. At the far end, the lightboxes descend into a compressed paper-clad feature wall. At just over 3 metres high, the velvety-black mass is actually made from the offcuts of sheets of Richlite, much like the exterior façade accents on Lincoln's V House.

Above, we opened up the ceiling height of the space to its full 3.6 metres, leaving the foil-faced insulation, exhaust and drain pipes exposed, with Encapsulite LED stick lights suspended from above. A series of wavy aluminium honeycomb sheets, made from the the same raw material cores of Bencore's Hexaben Large, are hung from the ceiling with only a few strings.

The cantilevered wall-to-wall library shelves designed by our neighbours at Taylor Hawkes anchor the back walls. Home to our library of innovative architectural materials, interior design books, binders and samples, the semi-modular system is completely free of fixtures or fastenings.

We've taken the monolithic exploration table and panel display designed by our friends at Shape Studio for Surface Design Show and given them a permanent home in the middle of our studio.

Our own work stations see a stunning dazzle pattern designed by Lisa Traxler routed into contrasting layers. Lisa constructed a paper cut that was converted into CAD and then CNC routed into Richlite Little Tahoma.The desks are supported by thin custom lightweight metal frames, made of welded and powder coated steel.

Nearby, our Jack Trench Kitchen is sleek and simple, but mighty and well-suited to prep for events. The bespoke designed and manufactured kitchen combines Black American Walnut, Richlite and Brass, all of which patina and wear gracefully over time.