Stratum Birch Ply

Make it with Paper + Ply

Date: 14.04.2024

Richlite Stratum Birch Launch

Richlite have expanded the Stratum line to include a premium birch plywood core for durability with an attractive decorative edge. Building on the success and popularity of other layered Richlite products, the innovative surfaces combine recycled paper and Birch Plywood for superior durability with an attractive edge.

Richlite Stratum Birch is an incredibly stable and balanced product that embeds Birch ply between contrasting layers of paper saturated with a thermoset resin. The result is a natural timber core clad with Richlite that can be highlighted with a profile or left as is, for a beautifully tactile, hardwearing and time-saving product for any interior application.

The newest edition to Richlite's Stratum Collection, Stratum Birch Ply uses a premium Finnish Birch Plywood core created specifically to work with Richlite's exacting production process. Available with any of Richlite's deep, earthy colours made with recycled paper to produce a strong, durable product that will develop a striking patina over time.

Stratum Birch Ply is available in 18mm or 24mm thicknesses in 2440mm x 1220mm panels, ideal for designing and making cabinetry, doors, furniture, wall panels, lockers, signage, stage floors and speaker enclosures. The layered composite material machines like a dense hardwood and reveals a contrasting edge design made famous by some of the world's top bespoke kitchen designers. The new line from Richlite combines reduced weight, can save time in production with no need to spray or lacquer the panels, and brings Richlite’s signature strength and rigidity.