Durat kitchens + baths

Material considerations

Date: 17.04.2024

Durat Orange Kitchen island worktop

Durat is a colourful solid surface material made with recycled post-industrial plastic collected from manufacturing and waste management facilities. The waste plastic is granulated into small chips and cast into a polyester resin base to create silky, seamless sheets. The solid surface material has a terrazzo appearance and is hardwearing, food safe and easy to look after.

Durat is available in over 300 colours with nine different speckle patterns and can be customised and used in bathroom and kitchen interiors in places like worktops, splashbacks, doors, sinks, vanity units, shower trays, bathtubs and wall panels.
Properties + features

Look + Feel
Once fabricated, Durat has a semi-matte terrazzo appearance with a silky smooth feel. As with any solid surface material, the surface will show some marks in areas of heavy use like sinks, but the unique speckles help hide scratches and keep them from looking too severe.

Thickness + Weight
As a material Durat is reasonably heavy at 18kg per m2 at 12mm, which is the most commonly used thickness and is usually applied to a substrate. For some applications like doors or wall panels 9mm can be used and Durat can also be cast to a range of sinks, bathtubs and bespoke forms.

Durat is available in over 300 colours with nine different speckle patterns and can be customised. Darker colours aren't typically used in horizontal applications, and the darkest shades usually need a helping speckle to help improve how the surface performs and shows wear over time. Whites and lighter colours are often used as worktops, but may want a helping speckle for sinks, baths and shower trays or any area where liquids are left to sit for a long time.

Durat Basin Rectangle joined to sheets in a dark solid surface materail

Machining + Curves

Things like built-up, rounded or bevelled edges and drain grooves are no problem at all. Durat sheets can usually be thermoformed up to a 700mm radius. A tighter radius can be achieved with the classic colours if the material is stacked and machined through, although this takes more processing and fabrication and should be discussed with the joiner or kitchen maker.

Durat is seamless and joins made with the specialist adhesive essentially meld the material together. The sheets have an A side, so seam placement and orientation are important. The Classic Colour speckles go all the way through the thickness of the material and can be refinished if needed over time. Colours from The Palace Collection have large chips of earth minerals and pigments which naturally settle towards the surface of the material. This means that they can look a little different in cast pieces like sinks and bathtubs and may be better made as a Classic Colour or joined, constructed and/or thermoformed from sheets by a fabricator.

Durat is a premium recycled material that once installed is around a similar price point to other premium surfaces like solid surface or stone.

Kitchen + Bath Applications
Durat is resistant to humidity, wear, household cleaning agents and dry heat up to 100°C. Durat is non-porous and anti-microbial and is often used in places like worktops, splashbacks, food preparation areas and cabinet doors.

Cast Sinks, Bathtubs + Shower Trays
Durat has a range of round, oval, block and curved block sinks, vanity units and wash basins as well as bath tubs, shower trays and furniture that are cast to order in one piece.

A standard chrome Tapwell overflow and pop-up waste are included with sinks, or can be supplied with a plugged waste or kitchen waste, trap and overflow. Sinks can be wall mounted, set top or undermounted to a 12mm Durat worktop. Standard sinks are supplied +12mm overcast so they can be integrated with a 12mm sheet.

Durat showroom display showing shower seat, bathroom shelves, cast bathtub, kitchen worktop and custom Palace sink
Looking after Durat

Care + Maintenance
Like all materials, Durat does scratch and will mark with use. Durat can be cleaned with mild soap or cream cleaners if needed. Bleach should not be used on Durat as it will dull the polished finish. Durat can be polished and rejuvenated periodically with a furniture oil.

Durat will last for a very long time and does not need to be refinished, but deep scratches can be spot repaired or refinished by a fabricator if desired. At the end of its useful life Durat can be repurposed into a new application or returned to Durat to be recycled into new sheets of Durat.

Nothing will give you a better sense of a material than holding a piece in your hands, learn more about Durat, download sink catalogues or care and maintenance info and request samples.

Durat Brosundet Hotel Norway with cast soak bathtubs and vanity sinks in white recycled solid surface
Durat basin oval II sink with a terrazzo look showing off its recycled black solid surface speckles