Durat is a colourful solid surface material made with recycled post-industrial plastics that can be used to create seamless surfaces in interior applications.

One of the oldest solid surface manufacturers in Europe, Durat was established in Finland in 1990 to create a sustainable material that combined recycling and design. A polyester based solid surface material, Durat uses post-industrial plastic waste collected from manufacturing and waste management companies in Sweden and Finland. The recycled plastic is then granulated into small chips and cast into a resin base to create durable, silky sheets of solid surface in Durat's 100% renewable energy manufacturing facility.

Because it's a solid surface material, Durat can be refinished making it perfect for high use areas in places like restaurants, cafes, retail shops, hospitals, classrooms, public spaces, labs, boats and residential developments.


Durat has a luxurious look and feel and can be fabricated to a matte or polished finish. Available in almost 300 vibrant colour bases, including all of the RAL Classic Chart colours, Durat's three-dimensional surface can also be custom tinted. With nine standard patterns that can be applied across any coloured resin base, Durat can have transparent, white, black or multicolour speckles.

The recycled flecks give the material its distinctive terrazzo appearance and allow Durat to reclaim all of its waste from production so it can be reused in other sheets. Although the material is durable enough to stand the test of time, at the end of its useful life the material can be refinished and repurposed in a new application, or returned to Durat who can recycle the material and turn it into new sheets of solid surface.


A new line of recycled solid surface formed in collaboration with Dutch-based design agency MOST Collective, Durat Palace honours their original vision of making design materials recycled to last. Using earthy tones with shimmering flecks of natural mineral pigments from a 17th Century Dutch paint mill in larger chips of solid or semi-transparent colour, the surface of The Palace Collection has a greater depth and comes in twelve striking colour combinations.

Durat Palace is a reflection Durat and MOST Collective's shared belief in innovation that respects nature - to reuse that which is polluting, limit the use of raw earth materials and give life to a timeless material that lasts well into the future. And, with the Palace Collection, Durat have created the world's first solid surface material made with recycled content and raw earth minerals.


Hardwearing, food safe and easy to maintain, Durat doesn't emit harmful chemical emissions and is suitable for a range of residential and commercial interiors, like restaurant and office kitchens, reception desks, restaurant worktops, commercial tea points, bathroom vanities, shower basins and surrounds, furniture, wall panels, doors and architectural design features.

The 12mm thick through-colour material comes in 2900 x 800mm sheets that can be joined seamlessly to any length, have routed edge designs, inlays or be thermoformed to a curve. The material can also be made in 9mm to 18mm thick sheets as well as a range of sinks and basins offered by Durat.

After years of admiring Durat's versatile surface material, Surface Matter have partnered with Durat to supply the UK. You can find Durat in our materials library in London Fields or get in touch to discuss your project, find out more information or request samples.