Ottolenghi Test Kitchen


Wall panels, commercial kitchen,
wash basin, door fronts + shelves

Durat Palace P001,
P009 + P015

London, UK

With restaurants around London, Ottlenghi is known for fresh, authentic Palestinian and Middle-Eastern cuisine. His menus are ones that notably showcase bold flavours and dishes full of colour. The Test Kitchen started as a place where food was played with to create ideas that turned into dishes, and later into recipes that are re-created in Ottlenghi's many restaurants.

Designed by Studiomama, the test kitchen features wall panels, countertops, shelves and sinks from the Durat Palace collection. Durat Palace has warm, earthy tones with shimmering flecks of natural mineral pigments. The smooth, silky finish of Durat allow for a seamless finish, and a luxurious look and feel. Durat doesn't emit any harmful chemicals, in addition to being hardwearing, food safe and easy to maintain, allowing it to keep pace with the heavy use of a kitchen.