Sweet materials

HIVE is a delightful honey-themed restaurant and culinary experience at Selfridges. Offering a range of flavours and a special menu focused on high-quality decadent honey sourced from the restaurant's own rooftop hives.

Every detail is designed, produced and installed by L'Atelier Five to embody the characteristics of high quality honey. Adorned with golden detailing around the café, floral bouquets, golden bees, metal mesh and a bespoke recycled solid surface created to look like crushed honeycomb. Made with recycled post-industrial plastic and actual gold flecks the material seamlessly integrates into the space's wall panels, signage and honeycomb serving displays. The bespoke solid surfaces created by Durat for L'Atelier Five lend the modern space a luxurious feel and silky finish, inviting diners to reconnect with nature and food while respecting the environment.

Design, production + installation

L'Atelier Five


HIVE at Selfridges


wall panels + signage


Durat 910 50 + Gold


London, UK