New dimension

A range of decorative panels with playful surfaces and textures that will last, Shaped uses unique materials machined with sharp details. Invoking drama and softening the acoustics of an environment, the machined wall panels add depth and texture with striking tactile surface designs.

The launch collection, crafted from super dense Richlite allows intricate, lasting detail that won't easily chip or wear down with age, and will patina gracefully with a look and feel like sculpted steel, liquid metal or carved stone. Using the recycled paper composite gives a unique set of attributes, completely different to traditional panelling materials like routed wood, painted MDF or moulded surfaces. The multidimensional panels are ideal for heavy use and high traffic areas in applications like stairways, wainscoting, slat walls, restaurant or office wall cladding, bathroom interiors and decorative design features.

Honestly processed

Designed by interior architects, designers and makers using honest materials and processes - the panels are routed with CNC machines for precision and consistency. Forged from a history of working with both production and design to take a wider overview of architectural projects of scale has honed the processes for the ultimate efficiency and quality, with re-use in mind. Produced in the UK, the panels are ready to install with or without visible fixings, quickly and easily. It's because of these processes that other unique or reclaimed materials can be incorporated in designs and produced to the same level of craft and detail, allowing for interesting, highly considered pieces made to last.

Unique materials

Made with first or second-generation recycled paper composite Richlite, the routed wall panels are naturally nonporous, heat and water resistant. The EPD-verified, Declare, Greenguard safe and rapidly renewable/recycled material is suitable for interior and exterior design applications without the need for any sealer or lacquer.

Like wood, all Richlite colours develop a natural patina as they age - becoming darker, warmer and more dramatic. Because of the natural variation in the paper fibres, Richlite has a mottled appearance that runs down the length and is less visible in darker colours, and can also be seen in some areas where more material is machined and the layers are subtly revealed. If left raw, the panels will have a stronger patina as areas wear in over time.

Deep colour. Rich texture.

Combining colour from Richlite's in warm tones with patterns taking inspiration from everything from the textures of the earth's surface - with a look like lava, waves or caves, to classic lines inspired by machine precision. All of the panelling are CNC-routed with carefully considered repeats to achieve a seamless look and feel from floor-to-ceiling and wall-to-wall.

Textures run lengthwise along 2440 x 1220 x 6mm panels as standard. Direction, thickness, colour and pattern can be customised and adapted to use different thicknesses, patterns or colours - including using colours from Richlite's Cascade collection for striking contrast and variegated visual texture.