Tactility by design

Dimensional wall panels with playful surfaces and textures

About Shaped

Shaped uses unique materials machined with sharp details. Invoking drama and softening the acoustics of an environment, the machined wall panels add depth and texture with striking tactile surface designs.

The launch collection, crafted from super dense Richlite, allows intricate, lasting detail that won't easily chip or wear down with age, and will patina gracefully with a look and feel like sculpted steel, liquid metal or carved stone. Using a recycled paper composite gives a unique set of attributes, completely different to traditional panelling materials like routed wood, painted MDF or moulded surfaces. These multidimensional panels are ideal for heavy use and high traffic areas like stairways, wainscoting, slat walls, restaurant or office wall cladding, bathroom interiors and decorative design features.

Sheet size
2400 x 1200mm
Custom options
Pattern scale, sheet thickness, material
Made to order
Shaped Richlite

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