Plasticiet set out to change the way we view plastic. Rather than a waste material, plastic should be viewed as the new Gold and treated as a highly valued resource – never cast aside. Made in the Netherlands by two designers who tired of the problem created by mass produced, single use plastics that pollute our waterways and landfills, Plasticiet is a collection of high-end fully recycled surfaces for design.

Created with reuse and repurpose in mind, all of the materials use raw ingredients that are easy to recycle and have sizeable, consistent waste streams. Each surface uses a singular material like fully recycled polystyrene or polycarbonate – so every panel can be easily turned into new again and again – never wasted. With the ability to process large volumes of plastic otherwise unwanted or contaminated, destined for landfill or incineration, Plasticiet capture and transform it into a material for furniture, fixtures, architecture and design.


Taking plastics from local post-industrial or post-consumer waste sources and sorting them by type, rather than colour makes the production more efficient. What would be waste plastic is shredded or flaked into recycled pellets or chips that Melters fuse together. The way the pellets are dispersed and the melting temperature create unique, simple organic patterns inspired by the beauty of natural stone. Each type of plastic has its own fluidity and some sources are contaminated so this allows for experimentation within the testing and development stages. Each material then inherits the unique characteristics of the recycled plastics used to make the panel.

As they're all plastic, Plasticiet materials are hardwearing, soft to touch and hygienic. The matte finish comes with deep rich colours that have a look similar to marbled stone, recycled glass, terrazzo or art and can even be customised, like with a modern Memphis or a mother of pearl look that will really last.


Plasticiet set out to disrupt the waste stream - collecting recycled plastic from different sources as supplies ebb and flow. This means the aesthetics evolve over time, changing the base tone or pattern which can get more blurred or a sharper pixelated look. Most materials in the collection are made of hardy Polystyrene from old, discarded refrigerators – Black Rock with a deep black finish, speckled with white post production left-overs, Ivory is hard with a flakey white appearance and subtle hints of neutral colour, and all time classic Blizzard with a bright white base flecked with black. Rhinestone goes one step further incorporating household waste from the urban mines of Belgium. The bold splashes of colour come from anything like old milk crates to wall plugs or tooth brushes, and each panel tells a unique story, wearing its history proudly. Chocolate Factory, aptly named from old chocolate moulds is a multi-colour polycarbonate panel dappled with cream, white, turquoise, purple, blue, orange, green.


Beyond the current collection, Plasticiet panels can be made bespoke to fit your unique specification. With a little R+D, Plasticiet can adapt an existing style, adding or removing colour. For larger projects, Plasticiet can also take volumes of excess waste plastics from industrial, commercial or retail fit outs, creating a completely custom colourway, or source different recycled thermoplastics tailored to design.

Mother of Pearl sees an experimentation set into reality. Skillfully stretched plastic made from industrial waste Polycarbonate is twisted and pulled into a shimmery, smooth and hardwearing finish. The limited edition material is available in silver, graphite or bespoke tinted 1000 x 500 x 15mm tiles.


The dense, hardwearing, homogenous surfaces can be used with or without a substrate in places like ceiling panels, wall cladding, tiles, doors, signage, chopping boards, knife handles, jewellery, retail and museum displays, furniture, joinery pieces, table tops and work surfaces. Produced in full press loads of 800 x 800 x 10mm panels, full scale large sheets are in development. With UV stable and fire resistant options, Plasticiet designer plastic can be plastic welded, thermoformed, cut and routed or laser etched.

Surface Matter partner with Plasticiet to help bring the circular materials for design to the UK, with sheets available from stock at our warehouse in Rye.