As part of their pledge for a further push in becoming more sustainable, Ace & Tate collaborated with Plasticiet in creating a sustainable store for eyeglasses. The modern eyewear brand pledge to become carbon neutral by 2030 with an aim to make all of their glasses from 100% bio-acetate, a recyclable acetate mixed with plant based-rather than petroleum-based plasticisers. For the collaboration, Plasticiet started collecting plastic from new sources locally in Antwerp that is picked and sorted to incorporate large flecks of recycled materials from things like crates and rope. Transforming nearly 1000kg plastic waste into a premium material with a colour palette of blues, yellows, reds and greens, the Plasticiet Rhinestone panels resemble an avant garde version of marble.

Ace and Tate

Ace and Tate
Marten van Middelkoop + Joost Dingemans, Plasticiet

Wall panels

Plasticiet Rhinestone

Lennart Wiedemuth

Antwerp, BE