Design collaboration at 43 whitfield street with recycled solid surfaces, from the Durat palace collection.

43 Whitfield Street

Collab design

Feilden Clegg Bradley studios and dMFK crafted a modern workspace that feels relaxing, spacious and luminous. The design pays homage to 60s and 70s  contemporary elements with a mid century feel, such as the sleek walnut kitchen fronts that contrast beautifully with the Greyhound Durat office kitchen worktops. The palace collection flecks, made from minerals from an old paint mill add warmth to the grey surface.


43 Whitfield Street


Feilden Clegg Bradley studios + dMFK


Suffolk & Essex Joinery


Teapoint worktops + spashbacks


Durat P001 Greyhound


London, UK


Jack Hobhouse

Durat P001 Grey recycled Worktop and Splashback in a co-working kitchen at 43 Whitfield Street
Durat Palace worktops used in a communal office kitchen at 43 Whitfield
Durat P001 Greyhound recycled worktop at creative offices in 43 Whitfield Street