Wave walls

TAG transform ideas into exceptional experiences - creating impactful content across multiple channels on a global scale. Producing and editing for hours on end, often spending most of their time in pitch black environments with big screens and data driven tech, their new office design needed to address the need for people to get natural light.

Designed by Spacelab_ and drawing inspiration from TAG's logo, the creative studio's new 'wave wall' divides the floor into a dark zone with black finishes and very dim lighting, and a light zone with large windows and a constant flow of natural light. This divide creates a functional work place where people can seamlessly shift to the space best suited to their work.

Working together to minimise the project's carbon footprint, Tag and Spacelab+ reused 48% of the existing fittings and selected materials with a reduced impact. Curved openings link meeting rooms, hubs, a cafe, work space and a reception lit with 140 upcycled pendants. The curved reception desk is made of Durat Palace P006 Black Velvet and complementing the movement and fluidity of the Tag logo and the corrugated metal walls. Durat P007 Martini worktops with a waterfall edge in the teapoint incorporate post-industrial recycled plastic waste and flecks of waste pigments and minerals from a 17th Century Dutch paint mill. Hardwearing, seamless and silky smooth - Durat is easy to maintain and can also be refinished, repurposed or recycled as needed.


Teapoints, Curved reception desk + fronts


Durat P006 + P007


London, UK

Durat P007 Workplace interior
Durat P007 Commercial Island Worktops