London Design Festival 2023
Surface Matter 10 Year Celebration
29 Westgate Street, London E8 3RL

Open Studio 18-22 Sep 2023 10.30-17.30
Material Session 19 Sep 2023 13.00-14.00 RSVP
Studio Social 19 Sep 2023 18.00-21.00 GET TICKETS
Studio Late 20 Sep 2023 18.00-21.00 RSVP
Material Session 21 Sep 2023 14.00-15.00 RSVP

SURFACE MATTER celebrate 10 years with events, displays and a transformed material studio, inspired by the raw forms of materials, and showcasing our material heroes.

After a decade supporting, inspiring, and connecting creatives with some of the most exciting materials out there, we rejoin Shoreditch Design Triangle for London Design Festival. Join us to see what materials are made of, how surfaces can transform design – improving impact, longevity, wear, strength, health value and inspiration. With material sessions that take an in-depth look at new materials and trusted surfaces, alongside a week-long open studio, we'll also host our fourth Studio Social, on the first anniversary of a programme looking at social and environmental sustainability... plus a late opening to celebrate 10 years, as part of the Shoreditch Design Triangle Late Night Evening.

The soft launch of the newest material to our collection, Pierreplume is created by designers to address the challenges of the circular economy using waste as a resource. The tactile acoustic surfaces reinvent textile recycling, producing lightweight panels with the look of natural stone. The colours come from different fibres of fabric and discarded textiles, and can quickly and easily transform spaces. The acoustic solutions can be used in any area where sound reduction, texture and circular materiality are desired. Find material samples, displays and raw fibres in the studio.

New dimensional decorative panels with playful surfaces and textures. Taking a recycled paper composite material machined with sharp details, for a look and feel like blackened steel or carved stone, that will wear and patina. Withstanding heavy use, it's ideal for applications like lift car panels and stairways, restaurant and office wall cladding, bathroom interiors and design features. Being made with such a dense material allows intricate, lasting detail that won't chip or get worn out with age. With efficient production, the panels are ready for install without visible fixings, quickly and easily. Launching with a collection of patterns that can be customised to create drama and add texture to a space.

Tues 19 Sep 13.00-14.00
Thurs 21 Sep 14.00-15.00

Come along to our open sessions to learn about the materials we love. Whether you're a maker, architect, designer and material enthusiast, the free informal session shows materials made of paper, plastic and textile waste. The new sessions take a fresh, in-depth look at pierreplume and Shaped, and other recycled materials. Explore how they’re made, where they can be used and how they can contribute to achieving ESG goals. Each session lasts around 45 minutes with a Q+A after, and includes light refreshments.

Spaces for these sessions are limited to 15 people each, so register to guarantee your place.

STUDIO SOCIAL No. 04 | Embracing Age

Tues 19 Sep 18.00-20.30

Once again we're joined by the award-winning team from Built By Us for our fourth Studio Social, marking the first anniversary of the series. BBU grows diversity and inclusion in the built environment. The series, created in partnership with SM + BBU, takes a look at the impacts and paths forward to a more inclusive community within the built environment. Each event views the different elements of social and environmental sustainability.

This time we explore Future Cities - Embracing Age, to address questions like are designers creating an age-inclusive environment? Are the needs of older people sensitive to their needs and desires? How can we make sure that people have a good quality of life and interaction with spaces, regardless of age?

20 Sep 18.00-21.00

Surface Matter celebrates 10 years. Join us with music, food and drinks and a sneak peek of our brand refresh as we look at how we can push materials to their full potential and how we can work together to keep surfaces in circulation.

We'll be starting at 6pm with music, drinks + local food from Aya + Suki.