Surface Matter at LDF

Date: 11.03.2024

Surface Matter Selects, a week of immersive events hosted at Surface Matter by a range of makers, designers and experts, with a focus on material design. Our studio was open for people to immerse themselves in our materials library, join the events, and meet the exciting collaborators.

Colour of Saying Colour Via
Designers and manufacturers are no longer interested in simply adding colour to a surface. They are starting to explore how colour can be incorporated in a more circular and conscientious way. Colour Via: an explorative exhibition, showcased innovative approaches to colouring materials in a post-industrial world. A variety of objects and swatches on display demonstrated sensitive approaches to production that are challenging current toxic industrial colour mass manufacture methods.

Alongside the exhibition Laura Perryman from Colour of Saying hosted an eye opening panel discussion, at Surface Matter, addressing the future of conscientious colour usage, featuring designers from the material display.


Katie Gilles workshop
Surface designer Katie Gillies held at two workshops where attendees explored the possibilities of the material jesmonite. Teaching the wonders of the material and allowing you to design and create your very own bespoke pair of jesmonite coasters. Showing how to mix the material, cast it into silicone moulds and create your individual Terrazzo designs.

Experimental Macrame Jane Bowler
Designers Jane Bowler and Heather Orr hosted an Experimental Macrame & Materials workshop, transforming unusual and recycled materials, alongside learning and exploring surface, structure, pattern and colour. Incorporating macrame, embellishments and experiment with material manipulation. A great opportunity to speak to the designers and view pieces from previous Jane Bowler collections up close in the setting of the Surface Matter studio.

Game on Shape Studio bat + ball and late night

Surface Matter launched an exciting new product in collaboration with Shape Studio for London Design Festival. The creative team behind the Bristol based studio have designed stylish yet fun games with the innovative recycled paper composite Richlite. Take a look and buy here.

Our game late night event was the official launch and chance to try out the bats for the first time. An evening of games, mingling, drinking and nibbles.