Partner awards

handmade with paper

Date: 03.03.2024

handmade richlite clock

We commissioned Chris Hill from Solve3D to make awards for the Richlite Partner of the Year. The award went to companies for their collaboration, contribution and development of Richlite.

The awards – two art deco style clocks – are handmade with Richlite Rainier + Copper. The reverse sees the artist's mark and the faces feature a subtle laser-etched logo. In a quirky design detail, the second hand has a tiny sliver of copper embedded into a maroon disc which twirls around the larger copper minute and hour hands.

Chris Hill is a UK Designer & Maker who is responsible for the birth of the Chairman Mobile Handset for Swiss Watch Makers Ulysse Nardin, and more recently the Armill for Christophe & Co. In the early 90's Chris worked with renowned product designers near East London's Hoxton Square, including Jasper Morrison, Lovegrove & Brown, Tangerine & Geoff Hollington.

Geoff Hollington designed an exquisite pair of candleholders in cherry wood and rhodium plated naval brass in 1990. Key to the design was the silicone wax catcher that could be peeled off and easily cleaned, preventing any wax from spilling. At the time Geoff wanted to use a completely unique, aesthetically stimulating and durable material, not usually associated with this type of product, but the 'perfect' material remained elusive...

Twenty-six years later, Chris stumbled upon this 'perfect material' while making a lighting product. He loved the way Richlite machines, its durability and distinctive look and feel. The consistency at architectural scales changes in small scale designs, losing uniformity as layers are exposed. The change in colour in combination with different metals give a stunning effect.

Richlite Rainier clock with coper inset details as an award made from recycled paper.