Hackney Arts workshop

3D drawing with Grace Du Prez

Date: 06.03.2024

3d printed drawn pens grace du prez

We're proud to be hosting several workshops for Hackney Arts. Artist and designer Grace Du Prez will teach you to learn the basics of how to use a 3Doodler pen that allows you to draw in 3D and take home your creations. Grace is a renowned multi-media artist and designer who teaches her skills around the UK in a variety of different workshops including 3D printed sunglasses, jewellery and other every day objects that are transformed through the process of 3D drawn design.

Here you'll learn to draw with plastic, and create your own design in a range of different colours. All of the materials are included and you get to take your newly designed creation home in a free tote bag at the end.

Hackney Arts is an arts, social and community platform creating workshops, projects and events to inspire creativity, grow the social community and help residents in Hackney hone their artistic skills under the guidance of local artists.

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