Build at LDF

Lisa Traxler x Surface Matter

Date: 07.03.2024

Build exhibition by Lisa Traxler vitreous enamel sculpture at Surface Matter
BUILD is an immersive installation by Artist Lisa Traxler housed in the Surface Matter materials studio in London Fields. Materials meet art, informed by architecture in a visual narrative heavy with the echo of history.
Dazzle weaved, prints, sculpture and video at Surface Matter material studio for LDF

BUILD is a series of sculptures, shapes and works incorporating unusual materials like vitreous enamelled steel, stitched paper, vinyl and recycled paper composite. Inspired by dazzle camouflage and radar, Traxler's work is a reaction to the restoration/conversion of a WWII Radar Bunker on the Isle of Wight. Meet the artist, see the bunker in film, learn about materials and play with the notions of encrypted communication.

Part of the Maker Mile Design Route for London Design Festival, in BUILD, Lisa Traxler creates an environmental autobiography – a sense of self and place intimately connected. Eight vitreous enamel and steel constructions look to have been lifted from the blueprint of a technical drawing documenting a secret architectural design. Lightly interlocking and carefully constructed, these fragmented shards slot together, creating interference and misleading the eye and causing a sense of unease.

Alongside the sculptures, Lisa's printed and stitched PAPERSCAPES are swooping and soaring as if in flight above applied vinyl graphics of shattered shapes. A film by Julian Winslow shows the converted WWII Bunker on the Isle of Wight with paper composite fins facade, suspended staircase, aluminium foamed fire surround, brutalist architecture and more enamelled steel. The Bunker was designed by the artist's partner, award-winning Lincoln Miles Architecture, who also designed the material studio.

Richlite shards dazzle patter for LDF
Dazzle exhibition paperscapes at Surface Matter for London Design festival