PROUD Materialist

Materials used better.

Materialists. They're deep. They care about what a building looks like, what a product feels like. The impact on the people who use it, the texture when you touch it. They care as much about design as the materials that make it. They celebrate the brilliant and fight the bland. Materialism is the difference between choosing a material that will 'do the job' and the material that will 'make the job'. Between good and great, bland and brilliant.

We started out as Proud Materialists in 2013. But the world moves fast. And while there's always pressure to keep up with new ideas, trends and renovations, change shouldn't mean waste.

At Surface Matter we believe even the trickiest materials have big potential. Plastics. Polymers. Surfaces with unusual coatings. With the right planning, none of them need to go to landfill. Who knows what they could be used for next? Whether you're choosing something beautiful or organising a takeback, we're here to help keep quality materials valuable forever.

How we work


share great materials

We find interesting materials made by ambitious manufacturers. We house them and carefully distribute the very best to our customers. We partner with people working in sustainable ways or using tricky materials that couldn't otherwise be returned to nature. People determined to override single-use.



share our knowledge

We can help your ideas become the best builds they can be - from quality to sustainability. Talk to us about your project, and we'll help you choose the right processes with every phase in mind - from the design stages and fit-out to the rip out and beyond. So you can take the right steps to make reuse and recycling easier.



make new life possible

We create opportunities to reuse materials and extend the lifecycle, considering everything from logistics to assessment and action. We're always finding and developing new ways to return, refurbish and reuse materials. And, we're creating a community to get more people involved to help complete the circle and keep our materials valuable forever.

What we do

Select Surfaces

we bring in interesting materials

Share Solutions

help designers find the right processes

Stock + Supply

distribute surfaces to makers + fabricators

Material Takeback

return, repurpose, reuse + recycle