PROUD Materialist


They care about what a building looks like, what a product feels like. The impact on the people that use it, the texture when you touch it. They care as much about design as the materials that make it. They celebrate the brilliant and fight the bland. Materialism is the difference between choosing a material that will 'do the job' and the material that will 'make the job'. Between good and great, bland and brilliant. Surface Matter are Proud Materialists.

We are passionate about well-made spaces that stand the test of time and make you want to hang around a little longer. We bridge the gap between the creatives who push the boundaries of architecture and design and the joiners and makers who are so good at bringing materials to life.

Surface Matter partners with some of the most inspiring material manufacturers out there, and we offer a unique range of surfaces - from sheets made of recycled paper to panels that play with light

Our love of materials drove us to create a materials library in London Fields that's open for architects, designers, creatives and material enthusiasts alike to explore. A selection of our materials are available from stock, or can be made to order and any we don't supply we're happy to connect you with. For our core materials we can even work through your projects, give you samples, supply the material and support contractors with technical and fabrication information. 

How we work


Promoting weird + wonderful materials

We have a library of over 400 innovative materials. Pop-in and find something new.



Highlight product innovation

We know materials inside-out and can talk through projects to make the most of them.



Interested in the long-term

We want to make sure the right material is used by the right people on the right project.

What we do


We select inspiring materials


We offer material solutions and support


We distribute innovative surfaces


We know some skilled fabricators