The Ultimate Materialist

Materialists. They’re deep.

They care about what a building looks like, what a product feels like. The impact on the people that use it, the texture when you touch it. They care as much about design as the materials that make it. They celebrate the brilliant and
fight the bland.

Materialism is the difference between choosing a material that will 'do the job' and the material that will 'make the job'. Between good and great,
bland and brilliant.

Surface Matter works with some of the most exciting materials out there, and we love collaborating with creative people to push the boundaries of architecture and design. We have a deep understanding of the possibilities and limitations of materials to maximise their benefits. Bridging the gap between the people who make materials and the people who create with materials, Surface Matter partner with leading manufactures to bring materials to market and connect them with the right people on the right projects. Based in London, we work with everyone from restaurant and retail brands to furniture manufacturers and the A&D community. We know and love materials and can supply a range of
material solutions.

How we work


Introducing exciting new materials

We’re always on the look out for innovative materials. If you’re looking for the next big thing to set you project off, pop in and see our collection, be inspired.



Highlight product innovation

Need to know what materials are capable of what and how far can they be pushed? We can help get you up to speed with the need-to-know info before you buy or specify.



Provide solutions and support

We’re super connected and work closely with some great partners. If you’d like us to be part of the process, we’ll introduce you to people who'll get the best out of materials.

What we do


We pick materials we love


We research materials


We supply materials


We find people who work with them