Wood Lane House

Top to bottom

Every floor of this well lit North London home unveils Richlite and explores the range of applications it is suited for.

The lower ground uses off cuts to create a shelving space for the ensuite bathroom, as it is non porous, followed to the upper ground staircase where it has been used for a bench with a mini lighthouse.

The first floor displays how Richlite, both durable and flexible, has been used for the kitchen worktop, breakfast bench, dining table and the coffee table. Richlite then continues onto the second floor where it is seen as a desk and door flaps for a cupboard unit.

The varying applications for this project overall included worktops, benches, table tops, cupboard doors and desktops.

Photography by Nick Kane.


Wood Lane House


Birds Portchmouth Russum


Worktops, benches, table tops, cupboard doors, desktops


Richlite Black Diamond


London, UK

Richlite staircase