Alexandra Place

Industrial design kitchen

At the centre of Thurloe Estate in South Kensington, you will find Alexander Place, a unique Grade II listed Georgian terrace built in 1829. Looking to re-structure the functional layout of this house into a generous family home, Minale + Mann introduced contemporary interior elements that worked with the historical significance of this listed property. They've created an industrial looking extension using a refined combination of steel and glass that includes concrete floorings, leather straps for the lighting and a bespoke steel framed kitchen. MannMade tailor-made the kitchen backsplash out of Richlite, as well as the cabinet and cupboard doors, both using 6mm thick Black Diamond. Feature handles are layered on to strengthen the 6mm panels, using Richlite strips to mirror the façade of the burgundy units below.


Alexandra Place


MannMade London


MannMade London


Cupboard/Cabinet Doors + Backsplash


Richlite-Black Diamond


London, UK


Graham Atkins Hughes