Richlite chalk board external installation

This Too Will Pass

Tim Scrace

'I am keen for the sculpture to be interactive -
a place and a platform for the community to reflect on the past,
make sense of this moment and to build a better future.'
- Tim Scrace

Commissioned by Salisbury BID with funding from the Arts Council England, Tim Scrace created a new collaborative sculpture on the High Street. This Too Will Pass - a sculpture that delves into the themes of movement and reflection. Encouraging people to move between the interrelated parts of their lives and stop to reflect on what we'd like to remember from the past, where are we presently and what we wish for the future.

The installation is part of Salisbury BID's community support efforts, attracting local residents and visitors to the local independent businesses and hospitality venues, particularly after the months of lockdowns and closures. The public are invited to interact with the piece through imagery and answers written in chalk on the sculpture. In the base, the sculpture incorporates hand-selected stones from Salisbury Cathedral's work yard. And, set above in contrast, Tim uses polished stainless steel with a deep black recycled paper composite. The paper composite keeps with the minimal design and withstands the outdoors, while acting like a chalkboard.


This Too Will Pass #TTWP


Tim Scrace




Richlite Black Diamond


Ash Mills, Carlton Brunton


Salisbury, UK

Richlite external installation
External installation
Richlite chalk board external installation