Table Nii 95 XXL

NOble MAterials

NOMA—named for using NOble MAterials—curate highend furniture and everyday objects with recycled and bio-based materials. Formed by Guillaume Galloy and Bruce Ribay, NOMA edits together pieces from independent designers for the first ever French furniture collection made entirely from recycled materials to preserve eco responsibility and conception.

Shifting the public perception on recycled materiality, the editors show that elegance and luxury can be achieved through meeting ecological and sustainable initiatives like identifying and verifying credentials, measuring environmental impact, avoiding toxic products, designing for the long term, and being fully transparent.

Using an inky blue shade of the recycled paper composite material, Richlite, the 10 metre long table is an XXL version of the Nii 95 table created for Paris Design Week. Set in the courtyard of the Bibliothèque Historique de la Ville de Paris, the scale and dimension of Nii 95 echoes the expanse of the space. Designed by Ateliers 234 with a hidden shelf so that objects can be set out and then tucked away, the multi-use table encourages dining, play, work, art and collaboration.


NOMA Editions Table Nii 95


Ateliers 234


Prugent Diam Europe


Table, benches + signage


Richlite Blue Canyon


Paris, France


Salem Mostefaoui