Tropism Well

Living fountain

Developed by Harvey & John, alongside their sister company Guinea Pig, Tropisim Well is a fountain that comes alive. It is graceful, giving and always looking to connect and interact with those around it. When this drinking fountain sees someone approach, it gently bows down to fill their glass.Tropism Well leaves guests spellbound as they feel compelled to respond as if it were a living thing. Through the synthesis of nature and technology, the fountain explores the relationships we have with objects and how we interact daily with our environment. The simple offering gesture made by the fountain as it connects with the receiver, recreates a stimulating and symbolic moment.

Richlite Stratum was used in the making of this unique fountain. The layered discs of Richlite are combined to create the skeleton that holds the fountain together as it supports the stem that contains the liquid poured out.

Tropism Well uses ultrasonic sensors and facial recognition to detect the presence of a person. Once approached, the gentle bowing motion is created simply by moving the liquid up and down the stem, as it is being served to the awaiting glass or vessel.

Tropisim Well can be hired or bought for events and installations.


Tropisim Well


Harvey & John, Guinea Pig


Interactive furniture


Richlite Stratum


London, UK