UK Designer & Maker, Chris Hill, who we recently commissioned for a pair of quartz clocks made of Richlite + Copper, has worked with everyone from Jasper Morrison to Geoff Hollington. In 1990, Geoff Hollington was working with Chris when he designed a pair of cherry wood and rhodium plated naval brass candleholders. 

'Jaz' is one of the first of a series of handmade bespoke candleholders, and demonstrates Geoff’s evolution of his 1990 design. This extremely flambouyant version shows the edge design of Richlite Rainier which has been stacked and laminated together to create a stunning cascade of stripes. 

Adorned with silicone wax catchers to prevent wax from spilling, the candlesticks can be customised with 18 Karat Gold, Rhodium, Bronze or in this case Naval Brass and the base of each holder bares the makers mark.