The Post Building

Immense imagination

Formerly a Royal Mail sorting hub, The Post Building was erected in the middle of a buzzing Holborn hub after a period of over 20 years of disuse. Winning the 2019 National Landscape Award, the building's high cubic capacity allows for large and flexible spaces, and with it, innovation to create. The six-metre ceiling height introduces a larger space and volume, designed by Allford Hall Monaghan Morris to prompt idea creation and improve the working atmosphere with ample light and space and considered materials and design details.

Richlite has been used throughout in different forms - first in the thick deep red reception desking. Then Richlite Redstone tops the card scanners at the security gates that will wear a bit like leather or linoleum, taking on a rich patina and withstanding heavy use. Richlite's journey continues up and down the building in the lift car wall panels and turned hand rails. The custom Cascade uses a thin layer of Black Diamond against a Natural core, and adds texture and dimension to the lifts' interior.


The Post Building


Alford Hall Monaghan Morris


Desks + handrails Shape Studio, Lift car panels All CNC, Security gates J&K Sheetmetal


Desktops, lift car cladding, hand rails + security barrier tops


Richlite Redstone, Black Diamond + Custom Cascade Black Diamond/Natural


London, UK