Black White Building Richlite Maple Valley Doors and Rainier Worktops

Black & White Building

Natural textures

A re-adaptive design led scheme, previously home to a timber seasoning shed. Daytrip studio complemented the architecture and designed a warm working environment by adding layers of tonal textures, including one of Richlite's cascade surfaces using Rainier for the teapoint worktops, contrasted by the rich tones of Maple Valley for cabinetry, cupboard doors and drawers. The communal kitchen uses clever wayfinding graphics applied to the paper surfaces to help keep the coworking space organised.


The Black & White Building


Daytrip Studio


Stiltland S Ltd


Kitchen worktops + drawer fronts


Richlite Rainier + Richlite Maple Valley


London, UK


Daniel Sellam

Richlite Rainier worktop and maple valley doors
Richlite Rainier Worktop and Maple Valley Door with vinyl graphics
Rainier and Maple Valley commercial Kitchen surfaces
Maple Valley cabinetry door that will leather and patina
Super strong cabinetry material with a leathery look and feel in Richlite Maple Valley