Specialising in seasonal bowl food, SOW create fresh, simple meals full of flavour. Freehaus joined SOW from the start, establishing their brand identity and restaurant design. Freehaus started with their namesake, SOW, which is derived from the act of sowing seeds, and represents the brand's environmentally conscious and sustainable values.

To display these ambitions in their physical store, the first outlet focused on a raw, natural colour and material palette. Selecting natural materials in muted tones, they use light and shadow to play with the textures of the finishes throughout the restaurant.

Freehaus selected Richlite Grays Harbor for the countertops where food is prepared, served and paid for, because its honed look and leathery feel works in harmony with the other surfaces. Over time the paper composite material will mottle and change colour to a deeper, warmer grey. Beyond fitting with the visual identity, Richlite is also incredibly durable and nonporous so it can stand up to this commercial food preparation environment.

Photography by Daniel Sellam, Tamin Jones and Me:Mo Media Ltd.

SOW Restaurants


Commercial Countertops

Richlite Grays Harbor

London, UK