Expertly crafted chocolate drinks maker, Knoops serves indulgent hot chocolates, milkshakes and beyond. Jens Knoop has had a strong relationship with chocolate since his childhood in rural Germany. Knoop - which translates from Dutch to button - is the perfect namesake for the chocolate drinks café creating drinks and treats from real chocolate buttons.

The expanding artisan chocolate chain incorporates a contrasting combination of materials in its sleek and minimalistic interior. The earthy suede-like tones of Richlite mimic the rich velvety chocolate. R50 wall panels, Black Diamond countertops and doors cloak the interior and will wear like leather or blackened steel.

Deep Black Velvet Durat Palace shelves incorporate flecks of gold, and bright terrazzo white solid surface work seamlessly in the countertop and till areas for a luxurious and silky smooth finish.

The recycled materials contrast colour and texture and will age very differently, but both can withstand the fast pace of the chocolatier and coffee shop.


Lara Gosling Design


Tills, countertops, doors, wall panels + shelves

Richlite R50 + Black Diamond
Durat 910 50 + Palace Black Velvet P006

London, Brighton, Oxford + Rye, UK