3 Years On

Smart App-artment

Cornflake Studio created the Smart App-artment to showcase Hifi and home automation systems in action. The living model includes the latest technology integrated into the showroom's dining room, smart kitchen, lounge, cinema and bar.

Ecoism installed the installed the kitchen worktops which have been used regularly by Cornflake employees and clients since 2012. Richlie solid paper composite has been used as a kitchen work surface since the early 2000's, but it's rare that we're able to capture before and after images, especially in a commercial setting.

Three years later, the solid paper composite material has matted down, burnishing in areas of use and developing a rich lustre. The tea points and area around the sink have been subject to regular abuse, although we've been in when people have been walking around on the kitchen island to access the cabling above the ceiling tiles.

Cornflake occasionally wipe down the surface with a damp cloth and touch up with some Howards Naturals wood cleaner and polish, to enhance the colour and bring it back to life.

Like any natural material it shows where it's been used, though they could sand and refinish the worktops to get it back to its original, pristine condition, if they wanted to.


Smart App-artment, Cornflake Studio




Kitchen Worktop/Teapoint


Richlite Black Diamond


London, UK