We popped into Bewliehill's farm-to-bowl restaurant in Islington, after a bit of use to capture how the material wears over time. Created by Angus after years working in kitchens in Sydney and London and launching the grab and go restaurant Launching in 2021 to celebrate great ingredients and fresh produce. We love seeing projects after they've been lived in a little bit, showing how materials wear, still withstanding everyday use in a high-traffic place.

Using a skin of Richlite made from old corrugated cardboard, the solid paper composite surfaces are incredibly strong and durable, ageing gracefully with a similar character to materials like linoleum or leather. Wearing over many years, matting down and burnishing in areas of use, especially around the espresso machine and till areas, the earthy colour will keep going deeper and warmer with a rich lustre.


Design + Fabrication
Shape Studio

Cafe worktops +
bin enclosure

Richlite r50

London, UK

Daniel Sellam