Nando's Flagship

Upcycled edge trim

Nando's origins come from South Africa, where it was created in 1987 by Robert Brozin and Fernando Duarte, both from a Portuguese heritage. It first opened in London in 1992 on the Uxbridge Road in Ealing Common, as a part of the art-deco style London Underground station on the area’s busy main road. As Nando's flagship location, the refurbishment of this location was an important project to undertake. Nando's brief aimed to encompass something unique and different but with the recognisable Nando's look. Moreno Massey took on the task to revamp this space with style. The space compromises three principle seating areas each with its own very distinctive look – a long run bench by the windows, a central “island” and face-to-face booths, for a cosier dining experience.

Richlite was used to clad the walls, not as simple flat panels, but with its organic looking edge trim. The edge trim is not a ready-made product that Richlite offers but Moreno Massey saw a small sample of what it could look like and were quickly convinced that it had to be incorporated in the design. They waited around a year to gather enough off-cuts in various thicknesses and lengths to get started, but patience paid off. The results are beautiful with the added value of reusing material waste.


Nando's Ealing Common Flagship


Moreno Massey


Upcycled wall cladding


Richlite Natural + Maple Valley Offcuts


London, UK