Fresh Lifestyle

Luxury salon experience

The latest flagship Aveda lifestyle store, for the premium salon brand Fresh, has opened its doors at the prestigious Fitzroy Place development, home to the UK headquarters for Esteé Lauder Companies. Designed by Reis Design, it transmits an unequivocal feeling of subdued luxury, while reflecting the ethical and eco values that are at the core of the brand. Fresh is well known for using only natural and ethically sourced Aveda products, and takes the same care in the choice of materials that are central to the design of the space.

Special attention is placed on textured and tactile materials such as the rusted Corten steel panels, concrete walls and a feature table made out of a sustainably sourced English Chestnut tree trunk. These are combined with washbasins and work surfaces made out of Richlite panels in Grays Harbor colour. The beauty of Richlite, particularly with this colour, is the way the tone changes and transforms over time becoming warmer and darker, with slightly green hints. The combination of materials selected encourage a transition from “energy” to “relaxation” zones creating an experiential journey for the client. Fresh offers an environment of calm and an escape from the busy city noise.


Fresh Lifestyle Salon


Reis Design


Vavona Joinery


Wash station + salon work surfaces


Richlite Grays Harbor


London, UK