Grams Countertop in Cafe Durat P009

Eat Better

Grams Edinburgh

Grams was born out of the idea to show people that it’s possible to ‘Eat Better, Not Less’, starting with a creation of raw, vegan and free-from cakes sold at local markets. After opening their first location in 2015, Grams quickly outgrew the space, moving to a more desirable unit as part of their ambition of making healthy food available to everyone.

Using their trademark pink accents and clean lines, Splintr designed a bright and fresh space for the new café's the already fun brand with bespoke furniture, shelving and countertops. Using Gin Daisy from the Durat Palace Collection, the recycled solid surface has flecks of gold and turquoise against a silky pink base giving a luxurious warmth that complements the rest of the fit out.


Grams cafe

Design + Fabrication



Commercial Countertops


Durat P009 Gin Daisy


Alix McIntosh


Edinburgh, Scotland