Bob Bob Cité

Press for champagne

A sibling to Soho's Bob Bob Ricard, this French brasserie boasts a primary palette of colours selected to immerse its guests and complement the existing architecture of its home in the atrium of the Leadenhall Building. Thousands of bolts, miles of mirror polished stainless steel, rosewood paneling and Japanese patterned paper adorn the restaurants' walls.

Designed by BradyWilliams Studio, Bob Bob Cité is comprised of a restaurant with three private dining rooms where the bold colours and lines reflect and refract, enhancing the symmetry of the space for an opulent, futuristic feel. Set out in a series of dining booths styled after airlines and super yachts, inlaid red, blue and yellow lines lead around silky solid surface tables and bar tops.


Bob Bob Cité


BradyWilliams Studio


BSF Solid Surfaces


Inlaid restaurant tables, bar tops + wall panels




London, UK

Durat Bob Bob Cite Red
Dining Table
Durat Bob Bob Cite press for champagne