Askonas Holt

Reimagined workplace

Askonas Holt is one of the world’s leading arts management companies, specialising in the field of classical music. They have recently moved to a new building and were looking for a reimagined workspace. The company had recently re-branded and wanted to express this renewed sense of purpose and fresh thinking. They connected with Jackdaw Studio and asked them to create their new working environment. In keeping with Askonas Holt’s standing in the classical music world Jackdaw chose materials and a colour palette that were contemporary, rich and layered, such as Richlite Blue Canyon.

The space is inviting and warm, full of oak wood panels with cork, deep blue and red doors as well as blue floors and tables. The central space where the Richlite reception table is situated, provides an informal social area for employees to meet and for Askonas Holt to welcome their clients. The kitchen countertop is also made out of Richlite in Blue Canyon and is a space for employees to gather and share.


Askonas Holt


Jackdaw Studio


Reception desk + Commercial kitchen


Richlite, Blue Canyon


London, UK