Art for arts sake

Healing art for the Amber Foundation

Date: 10.03.2024

Guido Oakley is a multifaceted artist that studied at Shelley Park & Central Saint Martin. He then gained a wealth of creative knowledge, experience & inspiration from both his work and travels. He is inspired by the materials he works with and aims to create an immersive experience through his sculptures that he calls Healing Art. Oakley is well known for his work with resin and exquisite crystals, minerals and pure metals.

Oakley is an active supporter of The Amber Foundation assisting in raising funds that support young people who are going through difficult times and need a fresh start and hope. A percentage from all sales of Guido's work is donated to the foundation.

The artist chose Richlite to create these unique textured awards for this charity. Painted in a range of bright and vibrant colours, the awards aim to be a source of inspiration for residents at The Amber Foundation, encouraged to take on new experiences and opportunities.