Shut Up and Skate

Mobile vert ramp

Southsea Skatepark is one of the UK's iconic skateparks built in 1978 and has a rich history of vert skating. It used to have one of the best ramps that played host to Shut Up & Skate, a legendary vert competition, before it was demolished. So, it makes sense that Southsea Skatepark is now the new home of the “NASS Ramp”- a 40 foot wide mobile vert ramp built by Pete King's team from King Ramps, which is used at the well known NASS music and action sports festival. This summer the skatepark will be hosting the return of Shut Up & Skate, with some of the country’s best vert skaters skateboarding in Southsea. And when there are no competitions going on, the ramp will be in the park, free for the locals to use and take advantage of a real competition standard ramp.

The ramp was made using Skatelite in Natural. Every skating pro knows that it is the material of choice, due to the material’s weather resistant, nearly indestructible construction that delivers a balance of speed and grip unattainable through any other surface. Smooth, fast, durable and maintenance free, it’s the ideal surface material for Pro indoor or outdoor ramps.


Shut up and Skate Festival 2018


King Ramps


Skatelite Natural


Portsmouth, UK