Red Bull's headquarter facility was created on the remains of an old brick structure dating back to 1959 that used to be the headquarters of Avery Labels. The architects HLW International took over the design of this 105,000 square feet space in Rancho Dominquez, CA.

The project required removing the roof at one end to create an open-air courtyard serviced by an enormous bi-fold door. The HQ encompasses cubicle style workspaces, a movie theatre, gym, secret gaming room, recording studio as well as a huge, waving installation that runs throughout the office. The skate-able feature is clad in Skatelite Pro, creating a warm and interactive space for employees with a nod to the company's playful brand.

Red Bull HQ

HLW International

Auditorium wall panels + skate ramp

Richlite Natural
Skatelite Pro

Los Angeles, CA USA