Ustwo Games relocated their parent company’s office in Shoreditch, to a former pickling factory in Oval, London with the help of creative design studio Jackdaw. They worked in close collaboration with the team to design an adaptable environment that would meet their needs. Trying to steer away from an open plan layout to include a variety of settings, that allowed the employee to choose from a range of options to best suit their needs.

They divided the space into two main areas, one half of the studio dedicated to working and productivity, the other half given over to chance encounters and recreation. These two halves can then be recombined into one large space allowing Ustwo to host larger gatherings.Both zones supported by a workshop space, a gaming area, a retractable meeting room and a communal eating space, where Richlite has been used throughout in Grays Harbor and Slate colours, sitting nicely with the modern sleek surroundings.

Ustwo Games

Jackdaw Studio

Richlite - Grays Harbor 12mm  
Richlite - Slate 6mm

Oval, London. A former pickling factory

Kitchen worktops