No Screw No Glue


Celebrating timeless designs and crafts, No Screw No Glue by Joost Van Bleiwijk for Moooi elicits the feelings of satisfaction and fulfilment that come from piecing together designs with your own hands. As the name indicates, the furniture has no adhesives, fasteners or fixings, instead using slotted, durable elements in the construction. Originally pioneers in lighting, Moooi collaborate with emerging talents and internationally recognised designers to bring together innovative concepts - creating functional designs that are built to last and produced with eco-conscious materials that respect both the designs and the environment. NSNG ships flat-pack and is easily assembled for the lowest environmental impact and is made from Richlite recycled paper composite, which lends its strength combined with a mottled appearance and suede-like touch to the retail furniture.


Moooi No Screw No Glue


Joost van Bleiswijk


Sideboard + Buffer retail furniture


Richlite Black Diamond