The Science Museum exhibits and explores the ways science and technology change and revolutionise over time. The exhibitions explore medicine, modern technology and the processes and scientific objects that have evolved over time. The design aims to create an experience that extends across the different spaces which can be dark, intimate settings for reflection and well-lit, open spaces to get up close and examine the exhibitions.

With three main gallery spaces, the new design and layout is curated for the long term - whether you visit an exhibition space today or in 20 years' time, it aims to consistently deliver a fresh, clean appearance. Richlite kick plates surround the base of each custom display case to keep with the minimal design and withstand scuffs and kicks. The material's monolithic look works to guide and connect the flow of the museum as you pass from from one gallery to another.


Design + Fabrication
Click Netherfield

The Science Museum

Exhibition stand plinths/kick plates

Richlite Grays Harbor

London, UK