Formerly a potato-processing plant, this 5,000 square-foot facility has been transformed into a stunning brewery that includes a 220 seat beer hall, featuring custom Loll tables and benches in the garden.The brewery also offers a fine-dining experience in the restaurant upstairs called Brewer’s Table, as well as an event space. The huge outdoor beer garden is surrounded by gas-filled fire pits that are interspersed amongst the Loll furniture, making the space look cozy and welcoming.

The Surly team liked the idea of working with Loll Designs for many reasons, particularly because the furniture is made in Minnesota and because it come from up-cycling waste. But it was not only the story behind the product that made it attractive. Surly wanted to work with a material that was durable and that they could leave outside over the winter. And most of all, the look and feel of the furniture fit in perfectly with the eclectic aesthetic they were looking to achieve.

Surley Brewing Co Beer Garden

Minneapolis, Minnesota USA

Loll Designs

Fresh Air tables and benches