The former drugstore Widmer in Kempten near Wetzikon, entrusted Reichle Architekten AG architects to transform it into the new drugstore pharmacy.

For Reichle Architekten AG, it was important to create a balanced environment for the customer and the staff so the presentation of each product is aligned with the shop concept. The different areas of medicine, health, beauty, naturopathy and alternative healing methods work together in the same space, creating a climate of well-being and trust.

The customer is encouranged to linger and wander around, independently orientated through the different areas. Reichle Architekten AG achieves this sense of space with various features such as room heights, strategic lighting and a beautiful palette of colours and materials. Richlite was used to create wall panelling and space dividers.

Apotheke Drogerie Kempten

Reichle Architekten AG

Display stands, countertops and shelving

Richlite Black Diamond