Studio RHE designed the re-cladding and extension of Anchorage House, a multi-use space in East India Docks, London. The entrance of Anchorage House presents itself with a futuristic cellular lightbox composed of geometric translucent Hexaben panels framed in black powder-coated aluminium. The lightbox opens up to an impressive double-height reception area with its backlit desk and bright-blue angular staircase. Stemming off of the core of the building, several atrium break out spaces are clad with a satin polycarbonate skinned honeycomb material that reveals the timber frame structure behind and allows light far into the depths of the building. Part of Republic, East India Docks, Anchorage House will form part of a huge redevelopment in the area, that once completed will encompass over 6,000m2 of a campus like workspace with retail, work, communal and outdoor space and has been deemed a 'workplace of the future'.

Anchorage House

Studio RHE

Bencore Hexaben Plus Clear S

Reception desk frontage, transparent wall panels, atrium partition walls + light tunnel

London, UK