Woven Image started off manufacturing high-performance fabrics and textiles in Australia thirty years ago, before developing a line of highly recyclable acoustic materials made from post-consumer waste, called EchoPanel. Improving on the initial two colours created in 2004, EchoPanel is now available in a range of bright tones and neutral colours for use as privacy screens between work stations, suspended partition curtains, wall panels and cladding, acoustic tiles, acoustic baffles and blades, wall coverings and stand-alone space dividers. 

With a modern look and designer finish, the polyester fibre acoustic solutions are great for commercial, office, retail and residential settings. The fabric felt-like texture adds a soft feel to an environment, and its excellent sound absorption qualities improve the acoustics of a space by reducing unwanted noise - EchoPanel carries a Noise Reduction Coefficient (NRC) of up to 0.65 with no air gap, or 0.85 with a 50mm air space between panels. 

EchoPanel is made from 60% post-consumer waste recycled PET from soft drink and detergent bottles. Recycled bottles are flaked into tiny chips, sanitised and fed into a hopper that melts the pellets, pumping them through a special shower (spinneret), which creates thousands of thread-like fibres. The fibres are cooled and set into a soft, fine web which is finally compressed into a strong board that can be cut, thermoformed, CNC-routed or custom printed. And, because the acoustic design panels are made entirely of PET plastic, the mono-material is through colour, non-toxic, pinable, free of formaldehyde, has incredibly low VOCs and can easily be recycled at the end of its useful life. 

The PET fibre panels are available in 2700 x 1200 x 7mm sheets, as well as 12mm and 24mm thick acoustic panels sized 2400mm by 1200mm. 

EchoPanel Mura are a line of wall coverings made with the same material, that are super flexible like a felt textile or fabric, 1.9mm thin available in 1210mm wide rolls up to 25 metres long. A range of moulded and geometric self-adhesive acoustic tiles can also be used to create interesting tessellating acoustic patterns. 

EchoPanel is easily installed and a series of hanging systems are available for acoustic baffles, blades, sliding panels or folding room dividers.