CDW 2016 marked our debut appearance and to celebrate we've hosting a showcase of Loll Designs and a series of activities on the joy of materials, design and sustainability.

Scott Campbell, Surface Matter Director says, "Materialism is the difference between choosing a material that will 'do the job' and the material that will 'make the job'. We'll be showcasing some of the people who have done the latter."

No one embodies the Surface Matter mantra more than Loll Designs, whose bright, poppy furniture transformed the Garden of St James. 

Inspired by the verb 'lollygag', which literally means to recline or lean in a relaxed or indolent manner, Loll's outdoor furniture is designed to be fun, lighthearted and low to the ground; a collection for people who take their active lives seriously and also cherish quality lounging time. Inspired by the classic Adirondack, years of design and manufacturing experience went into the Lollygagger collection. The sleek angles of the chair provide an unexpected level of comfort, and playful design features like a hidden bottle opener mean you don't have to get up... as long as you keep your supplies within reach. 

But it's not just Loll's design that caught our attention. Being materialists, we looked a little deeper.

Loll design and manufacture furniture with a unique material made of recycled milk jugs. Every Lollygagger Lounge Chair produced prevents nearly 300 milk jugs from entering the waste stream and is completely recyclable at the end of its useful life. 

Loll shows how using the right material can transform a design and add an unexpected level of quality. Our project for CDW is the perfect platform to inspire creativity and further the dialogue on interesting, sustainable materials. 

To help spread the word, we've collaborated with Ella Doran to create a special edition of her iconic Sunlight Through Leaves cushion. Ella joins us at CDW in inviting visitors to relax, celebrate materiality and appreciate the outdoors. Clerkenwell Design Week also forms the starting point for a deeper  collaboration with Ella's award-winning design studio, based on our shared passion in quality, style, materiality and the circular economy.